Pop-up emergency shelters fit into a shipping container; include power, water purification, & toilets

With tens of millions of refugees around the world being displaced by conflicts, persecution, and natural disasters, the need for robust and scalable emergency housing solutions is very real, and one startup believes it has the answer, in the form of foldable units that provide near-instant shelter and housing.

Humanihut, a South Australian startup, developed its all-in-one emergency shelter solution over the course of about three years, and instead of just merely providing walls and a roof for refugees and disaster victims, the system also includes other basic necessities, such as toilets and showers, electricity, and laundry facilities. 16 of the Humanihut shelters fit into a standard shipping container, which allows them to be easily transported and deployed using existing shipping infrastructure, and then erected in just minutes each, with an entire 'village' able to be built in just a few hours.

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